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tv   New Day  CNN  August 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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if you would speak to the heart of these things, we could -- >> no. no. >> let's get a point of clarification. what are you disagreeing with, exactly? >> apparently white supremacist. >> you know what white supremacists is about, what robert e. lee evokes. that's what they use for the basis for coming to gather. what is your point of disagreement exactly? >> well, my point of disagreement is that that was an excuse to bring these groups together. the local blogger who got the permit to protest the removal of the robert e. lee statue then blew this up. that was an excuse. >> and now someone's dead. >> look at how they got the permit. can i finish, simone? can you just shut up for a moment? >> you don't get to tell me to shut up on national television. >> hold on. >> i'm sorry. under no circumstances do you get to speak to me in that matter. you should exhibit some decorum. >> both of you stop for a second. simone, ken?
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simone? ken and simone, hold on a second. you need a reset. ken, you don't want to use language like that when you're talking to simone. you can disagree but don't talk like this on this show. >> i keep getting interrupted. >> we don't tell people to shut up on this show. you can stand up for yourself and still be civil. >> how do i keep talking when people keep interrupting me? >> simone, i apologize for that. we don't talk to people like that on this show. and ken, i know you don't meend mooen to insult somebody like that on this show. >> of course not but i can't be walked over for over and over and over. let's be really clear here. step one, you had a local blogger protesting the removal of the confederate statue. that guy was also connected, it looks like, to these outside groups. that permit was an excuse to bring these people in. and they came in from all over the country as the arrests show,
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you know, they were arrested mostly outside -- there was only one virginian i know of that was arrested. all the others were outside from virginia. this was a gathering of hate groups. that's what this was. they can define themselves however they want. they're all outrageous, ridiculous. this guy was essentially a domestic terrorists. >> you're not disagreeing with the idea that robert e. lee is emblematic of a hatred that is of particular sensitivity and pain to the african community? you don't deny that? >> of course i don't deny that. >> that's what started the confusion. that's all. that's what started the confusion. and it need aid point of clarification. >> where i start to have a problem, chris, is that when you want to go ahead and say someone like steve bannon buys in completely to all of this and that's the advice president trump is getting, that just goes way, way too far. >> then why would he name the groups then, ken?
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help me understand how you arrive at that conclusion. >> yeah. no, look, this president defies understanding on my part. i fully expect -- let me lay out my expectations for a president. i expect this week as we now have gotten out of a weekend and into the week, i expect to see him making stronger statements, like the vice president did. i expect to see that. i expect to see that progression, especially as they learn more facts from the ground. as we did around midnight. >> you don't need to know any more about this. ken, the analogy to what the previous president did -- >> could he have said more? of course he could. >> that's the point. took 11 minutes to get to that point. >> the point wasn't to equate them, chris, but point out the escalation that a president uses when you have a tragedy like this. >> when there is this rush to draw equivalence and defense and protection because of what
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happened with obama -- i hear it on the show all the time. there's plenty to. >> no equivalence is appropriate. >> you say we don't know what's going on. i get being measured. that's not what happened here. he had over a day. we knew what happened. we knew someone was dead and we knew who they had in custody and who the groups were. there was no reason to offer anything vague as a way of being measured. that doesn't make sense logically. >> chris, the most important thing you mentioned there was the equivalence. the thing that the president has to wipe off the board is that there's any equivalence between these hate groups and anybody else he might have been referencing. that is on him this week. he is going to have to do that himself. i think that's critically important in a situation like this, going forward. and that's on him. we all know that he operates somewhat independently, even of his own staff and that's his
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burden as we start the week. >> simone, give me your last word. >> we need to hear from the president of the united states today and hear him say the words white supremacy, kkk, neo nazis and we actions to follow up with those words, reverse the policy change that the united states of america no longer is looking at white supremacists in our counterterrorism program. he needs to remove the white supremacists from around him, white supremacist sympathizers, steve bannon and gorka. people in america need to get a history lesson, such as mr. cuccinelli. >> one thing you do when you see hate is condemn t the other thing that's just as important is to counter it. we use civil discussion on this show. i know you both want that when you're at your best. >> i'm still waiting for my apology from mr. cuccinelli to tell me to shut up on national
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television. >> and, chris, one thing that -- >> if this isn't an apology, mr. cuccinelli -- >> people use them to smear others like you hear on this discussion. it makes it harder to have a civil discussion. >> steve bannon has said -- he curated the platform. >> those people need to be condemned. >> i didn't want to get us back in to the discussion but what i was giving you a chance to do, ken, was apologize to the language you used to simone sanders. do you want to do that? >> i don't think he does. >> i'll apologize for shut up and i'll accept her apology for interrupting me. >> i don't have an apology for you. you will not get one. >> civil discussion is always the appropriate counter to hate. thank you for being on "new day." you've got to make that point. i know people get upset and ken doesn't like being accused of not understanding the history of
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racism. saying shut up, that's a line -- >> you can't do that. >> -- you can't cross. you can't do that. what the president says matters. we all know that. he's getting due criticism for his initial response for the deadly violence that came at the hand of a member of a hate group in charlottesville. the president is tweeting, talking about how to make the country great again. he is not talking about this. we do know, cnn has learned that the president is intending to break his silence on charlottesville today. what will he say? >> that's what we don't know. will he call out this race i for the groups they are and name them? that's important. >> the attacker accused of slamming his car into the group of protesters and killing that woman will be arraigned.
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what was the moment that changed everything? we've seen haters and the violence that can break out in this country about it. then there was this moment when you had the crowd of protesters and this car came barreling in to the situation that wound up leading to the death of heather heier. we have to show you the video because it was an important moment but it is not ease toy watch. at least one person, because of what you're about to see, lost their life. 19 others injured. [ bleep ] the victim was 32-year-old heather haier at that rally for the right reason. she was there to support friends, support diversity and stand up against hate. now martin, her boyfriend, pushed blair out of the way, saving her life but he was hit himself and sent flying through the air. the moment captured in this
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incredible picture. i'm talking about marisa blair. she's going to join us now. you're with us, right? >> yes, i am. >> you were there, protesting against hate. your friend/boyfriend martin pushed you out of the way. >> my fiance. >> i didn't want to get the relationship wrong. >> my fiance, yes. >> breaks his leg. he's expected to recover, yes? >> yes. he's going to recover. we're just happy we're both alive. >> all right. so, i'm sorry to have to put that video out there again but it matters for people to know what happened, how heather lost her life, how he got hurt and how so many others got hurt and what it was about. what do you want people to know about what brought you there, what brought heather haier there and what you were against. >> we were against hate. that's what we were against. this is our city. we work here. we live here. and we didn't want neo nazis and
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alt-right and racists to come into our city and think they could spread their hate, bigotry and racism. we weren't hateful. we weren't destroying anything. we were peacefully protesting and we were just standing up for what we believe in. we weren't going to let anybody come and spread their hate in our city and not meet resistance. that's what heather stood for. that's why she was out there. that's why we were out there. >> tell me about your shirt. it says you're not paying attention. what does your shirt say? >> if you're not outraged you're not paying attention. >> and there's a picture of heather on there, right? >> yes. >> what do you want people to pay attention to? >> i want people to pay attention to what happened. i want people to pay attention to the hate and how this can bring our community together and it shouldn't take hate to bring us together. we should already love each
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other and denounce hatred, racism. that's what heather was about. she wasn't over optimistic about the world like i am. she had a quirky way of dealing with the hate that she knew that was going on in the world and she felt bad for people who weren't like her and didn't grow up like her and minorities and people of other races and religion that have to deal with hate every day. and she hated it. and she made sure she stood up for it and she spoke for people even if they didn't speak for themselves. >> that's what she said? >> she wouldn't always say it. but she believed in it. she thought it was ridiculous that people don't think racism is a problem in america. it's resurfacing. it's resurfaced. >> when you go to a protest like that, especially when you're dealing with white supremacists,
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it can get hot. that can be verbal, physical. when you learned that heather lost her life because of that car that came in there, that could have killed you, your fiance and so many others, how did it hit you? >> i don't think it still has yet. we were with a group of counterprotesters that were happy. we were around spreading love, happy ton around people who believe in the same things we believe in, fighting for the same things we were fighting. we weren't around protesters, neo nazis, white supremacists. we weren't around them. it makes it harder to think we were just enjoying ourselves and spreading love and then this happened. it was a split second. and i still can't believe heather's not with us. we're all numb to it. we barely slept. my fiance can't even get out of the bed he's in so much pain.
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it sounds terrible to say we're thankful we're alive when heather is gone. i just wish heather was here. i wish she was here so she could talk and be in front of you today and spread her message but we're going to do it for her. >> that's what she needs for you to do now. if she cared about that message, she wants to see it carried on. and you know the big political, i guess -- it's not really political, but this discussion that's going on about what happened president said and what he didn't say. he is expected to come out again today. does it matter to you if the president of the united states says this was white supremacists that did this down there? i don't want anything to do with them and the ranks of people who believe in me and i want to call them out as something that is hateful in this country? >> he needs to call out the hate in this country. but he won't because that's what he ran his platform on. he ran his platform on hate and he won't denounce white supremacy or racism because he's
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scared that he's going to lose his followers. he needs to be worried about the united states and not his followers and not the power and publicity and not his golf trips. he needs to worry about my friend that died and the people that were injured. he needs to worry about her family and america's family. heather would not want his condolences. she would not. she would not want his condolences. she would not want him to speak her name. bernie sanders, that's what heather stood for. she loved him. that's her message. trump, no. he needs to denounce hate in america. if he can't see what's going on, he's not paying attention. >> the defenders of what the president said make the argument that he did denounce it. he denounced it on all sides. as the president said many sides, many sides. what did you make of that? >> i made it out to be that he was protecting the neo nazis,
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the racists. don't blame both sides. they came to this city to spread their hate. it was plenty of evidence beforehand that they were coming to spread hate. the night before my friend got killed, they were beating uva students with tiki torches. they still let them come and they still let them rally. it's unexplainable. it should have never happened. you can't condemn people that are protesting against hate, racism, that people are protesting for equality. if you love who you love, whatever race you are, whatever religion, just love each other. you can't denounce people that are speaking out, showing love and protecting people that don't even want to protect themselves. you can't say that we were wrong. we weren't wrong. the only person that was wrong was the man that drove his car through a crowd of peaceful protesters. >> a vigil last night. you have a picture of you and
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your fiance there. this is a moment you lost a friend. you became part of something that was much bigger than anybody anticipated it being. you also got a really unusual measure of the love of the man you're going to spend the rest of your life with. >> yes, sir. >> it's not a given, marisa, that somebody is going to push you out of the way when a car is coming when they may get hit and, in fact, do get hit. what does it mean to you, what your fiance did? >> oh, my god. it means -- i feel like i'm alive today because of him. he always told me he loves me more than any anything in this world and he would do anything for me and always protect me from anything and anybody. and he proved it. i believed him before, but he proved it. who thinks to push someone out of the way when a car is coming? a split second to think and he thought to push me out of the way. i'm forever grateful. he's my hero.
5:17 am
he and heather are both my heroes. >> the split second you refer to probably tells you everything you need to know. because when he didn't have any time to think, just to react in terms of protecting what mattered most to him, he protected you. >> yeah. yeah. i love him. >> and thank god he's as strong as he is and it was just mihis leg. >> exactly. he asked me did i push you hard? i said you pushed me hard enough. >> sounds like a good man and was there for the right reasons. >> he's amazing. >> what do you want people to know about your friend that people won't know? your fiance will continue to live and be able to tell his story. what do you want to tell people about heather? >> i will never find another friend like heather, whether her walking in in the morning saying
5:18 am
hey, girl, just getting her coffee. the little moments about heather. if you knew heather -- so many people are doing vigils for heather and they didn't even know her. if you knew heather, you would know she loves everyone and wants equality for everyone, no matter who you love, what color you are. she was very strong in what she felt and she spoke with conviction. she would never back down from what she believed in. that's what she died doing, fighting for what she believed in. she was a sweet, sweet soul but will never be replaced or forgotten. we're going to keep her message going and heather would want that. if it was one of us, heather would be doing the exact same thing. >> you were all so young. good luck with your fiance. i'm sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing your experience with us on "new day" this morning. >> thanks. >> pop spy?
5:19 am
>> what an incredible woman. >> what a thing to live through, have something so dear, what you believe matters in life to be tested that way and to learn about the depth of love of the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. >> and what someone does in the instant that it happens. >> didn't have time to think about it. >> and what he choiz to do. what an incredible interview. president trump under fire, as you know. he is expected to speak about what transpired in charlottesville. as marisa just said what he must do for america, will he call out the white supremacists for what they did? uh-huh. i switched to t-mobile, kept my phone-everything on it- -oh, they even paid it off! wow! yeah. it's nice that every bad decision doesn't have to be permenant!
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i hope you saw chris' last interview. you heard from one of the survivors, marisa blair, who called on president trump to denounce hate and call out those hate groups by name. the president is expected to address the situation in charlottesville at some point today. we just don't know what he's going to say. if he does finally denounce them by name, is it too little, too late? ladies, thank you for being here. i know you were listening to that interview. it was just incredible to hear from her. april, to you. if the president does say what his own vice president has said, what the white house said in a statement they didn't tie a name
5:24 am
to, that this is the kkk, nazis, white supremacists and they all need to be condemned, if he says that today, is it enough or is it too late? >> it's late but we need to hear from the president. the president needs to make, in no uncertain terms, just point blank, this was terror and it's not acceptable. you know, he talked about all sides. this is something that was started from a group who wanted to show that they wanted to stand by the confederacy, they wanted to support the statue staying up. this president has to can come out. it's not about the vice president saying it. it's not about his administration. he is the president of the united states and understandably, it's his base that he doesn't want to offend but he is the president of all america. yes, his base, that small base that he's going to talk to is a small base but there is a larger number of people out here who
5:25 am
are very concerned about what's happening and there is spillage. he has got to come out and condemn what happened from those who started it. >> so, karoun, you are so wired down there in d.c. the question that's plaguing is why did the president arrive at the conclusion to soft pedal what happened there and avoid the names? who told him that? we keep hearing he met with a lot of advisers. we had another conversation that was not a demonstration of us at our best. simone sanders coming after ken cucinelli, painting people around the president, specifically steve bannon, with a brush of sympathy for these people. we make choices about what we emphasize and what we don't. how did the president arrive at this conclusion to -- this was
5:26 am
intentional. >> we reported that early on, you know, before the president had fully seen what had happened he had been told that a lot of different groups were coming to charlottesville and some of his advisers were speculating maybe that colored his thinking. the thing is that he spoke after these things happened, after what he had seen had happened, the violence that occurred, this driver, somebody is dead. also, remember, this isn't really happening in a vacuum for the president. he has been through similar experiences like this before with the david duke thing, with the criticism he received after the holocaust remembrance day statement, not mentioning jews. he has gotten a very strong backlash from people saying you need to be more specific, and not say these vague statements who in the ears of people you want to condemn might sound like acceptance. here is the word, bigotry, generally speaking, and thinks that must be knee if they don't
5:27 am
want to think that way. the most remarkable thing is the silence since saturday from the president. so many other members of the gop have come out and said in no uncertain terms you need to say these words, mr. president. you need to name these groups. even though the surrogates are saying we accept the president's approach, are still naming those groups for the most part, which makes it more of an open question of why won't he say sorry i picked the wrong words. of course i meant kkk, white supremacists, neo nazis. >> even his own attorney general, jeff sessions, who certainly has fallen out of favor with the president, was asked on cbs does the president need to con tem white supremacists, will he do that? sessions said absolutely. nikki haley led this charge when
5:28 am
she led the taking down of the confederate flag in her hometown when she was governor. how long can the president -- i suppose he can go on and on resisting. this is beyond party. >> this is about humanity. this is not nazi germany. this is 2017. we are a nation that's still grappling with trying to come with the hard issue. we've got laws and legislation about issues of how we're supposed to not discriminate or treat one another. now it's a heart issue. this is where the morality of the president of the united states comes in. he is a moral leader as well as the commander in chief, what have you, leader of the free world. he has to set the tone. i remember 20 years ago bill clinton, when he had the race initiative, talking about trying to heal this racial twied and this nation. we weren't on fire at the time
5:29 am
but he knew that there as a growing number of people coming into this country or being born in this country as well who were not white america. and he said there will be a time when the minority will be the majority. and then you had george w. bush who had to grapple with issues as well. katrina was a stain but he tried to fix it. then you had the first black president. and you have this right now, this ground swell from a resentment of having the first black president for some, particularly some in this president's base. he has got to come out and stand. and i remember -- i remember when all of that happened in south carolina. and when then president barack obama want to south carolina and delivered the eulogy for the pastor and he sang "amazing grace." it wasn't just about the song. it was about what happened. why that song was created, that
5:30 am
gospel song that is shared by black, white, all types of people, even the religious white, that song meant a lot about healing of racial attitudes, healing of tolerance. this president has got to come out and set the tone and say something. jeff sessions is -- they might have a rift, but jeff sessions is absolutely right. if this president does not say something it's going to spill over. >> thank you both very much, april and karoun, we appreciate it. we'll talk to marco rubio, on down to ted cruz, calling him out. republican lawmaker joins us next. zheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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all right. so, president trump is under intense criticism for blaming the violence in charlottesville on many sides, many sides. instead of calling out white supremacists. listen to it for yourself. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and
5:35 am
violence on many sides, on many sides. it's been going on in a long time in our country. not donald trump, not barack obama. it's been going on for a long, long time. it has no place in america. >> president trump is heading back to washington today. he says he's going to meet with attorney general jeff sessions and his new fbi director, christopher wray. we're told that the president will address charlottesville again today. is that the right idea? what will he say? what does very to say? let's discuss. republican congressman ron desantis of florida, thank you for joining us. appreciate t important conversations to have today. >> good morning. >> what is your take on what the president still needs to do when it comes to addressing what happened in charlottesville? >> i hope after he meets with attorney general sessions that he will say definitively that this was, in fact, a terrorist
5:36 am
attack. chris, i've been somebody that's been critical of previous administrations when you have somebody saying alla akbar and then they kill people that that's not viewed as terrorism for many years, in some cases, such as ft. hood. this person took aim at citizens and that is a terrorist attack. >> that's about the case and the facts of the case and what they reveal, fair point. but the larger point was about what charlottesville was all about. and the many sides, many sides does not seem to capture the reality. what is your sense? >> i think there has been violence in these other instances throughout the country. obviously yesterday -- or on saturday that was an example of people who had a neo nazi ideology, white supremacist
5:37 am
ideology and i think it's important to say not only is that not something that we don't want in our country, it really conflicts with what the country was found iing on. the founding fathers did not found america because of european nationalism. they were rejecting a lot of the orthodoxes in europe and founded the country based on principle, not based on any type of ethnic original. it's not healthy for our politics. i think it would be good for the president to tell people that's how he feels. i think that's how he feels, knowing him. this is a guy who -- you see this individual and his compatriots carrying this nazi flag. i think president trump has been the most pro-israel president in my lifetime. he has policies that can he put out there and should do that. >> what do you make of david duke? a lot of instances, it's a nice way of saying white
5:38 am
supremacists, grabbing on to him, saying he's good for us and putting out his statement about charlottesville as proof of affirmation of their cause. what do you make of that? >> i don't want anything to do with them in terms of supporting a republican president or any president. i think they understand kind of how the media works and know if they can put themselves out there, anything attached to president trump, just in our politics, will be elevated. i think there are people who don't have the president's best interests at heart who can then use that association against the president. i don't think it's accurate at all to say that the people who supported donald trump are reflective of that type of bigotry. in fact, i was on the ground in florida during the election. you had millions of people -- these are good folks and i think it's wrong to try to malign them, as some have suggested, to david duke, who have no credibility with the broader
5:39 am
america public. >> don't blame all for some. fair point. when you say many sides, many sides, when you have white supremacists down there complaining about a confederate icon coming down, it does not speak to equivalency. it does not speak to a complex dynamic that needs to be measured. that's not what this was. i have to believe, ron, if i were asking you about it -- god forbid this happened in your district. i don't think you would have come out and said many sides. there's a lot of blame to go around here. that's what it sounded like. it doesn't make sense logically, doesn't make sense with the facts and doesn't make sense here, in your heart, when you think about what this country is about. how do you explain why he arrived at that conclusion? >> i don't know. i wasn't privy to any of the discussions and i don't know what type of advice was given. i will say this, chris. some of these things that you say are fair points, no doubt about it.
5:40 am
had he said everything that people say he should have, would his critics praised him for that or would he find something else? >> what would be found? >> let me just finish this thought. >> please. >> "new york times" reporter was criticizing ted cruz and marco rubio because they forcefully condemned and made a lot of the points that you made immediately after this happened and said they're just political posturing. my point is not that there aren't substantive criticisms. my point is in the way our politics is, they're going to find ways to criticize him no matter what he does. hopefully he comes out today and make ace statement that can unify the country. chris, i think there will be people who will criticize him no matter what saying he's late to the game, he's this, he's that. let's not make this so much about the president and make it about what we can do to have a better society and marginalize these people who don't have america's founding principles at
5:41 am
heart. >> agreed. condemn hate and counter it. countering goes to all of us. but it all starts at the top. we elect a leader for a reason. ron desantis, i appreciate you coming on to talk about what matters. thank you, sir. >> thank you. tomorrow on "new day," anthony scaramucci will join us. he has been talking about this and has ideas about who has been putting the different types of ideas into the head of the president. >> and says the president should have gone further in that statement. look forward to that interview here tomorrow. meanwhile, number of hate groups in america is on the rise. what is fueling that?
5:42 am
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president trump under criticism for not denouncing the white supremacists, kkk and neo nazis by name.
5:46 am
the fact that hate groups have ballooned in this country. >> yeah. they've gone up from about 600 in the year 2000 to over 900 now. interesting thing, poppy, groups are starting to calm down in 2013, 2014, but shot up again during the period that coincided with mr. trump's campaign. >> the president has another opportunity today. he could do it any time on twitter and has chosen not to, since saturday, to condemn these groups and call out the one side responsible for this violence and hate. nazis, kkk, white supremacists. should he do that? >> not only should the president, once again, in my opinion, condemn these acts, but i think he should call them out by name because so many people feel they need to hear the president say it.
5:47 am
they've heard the vice president and the senior adviser to the president, ivanka trump, say that. they need to hear the president say that. i think not only will he double down on his statement that this has no place in america and denounce it but call them out by name. >> the fact that he didn't, what he left unsaid by not naming them and blaming all sides, on many sides, many sides, which is just perplexing, what was worse, in your mind? >> you know what? this is the way i view it. i view the president gave remarks that were prepared for him after this -- >> come on, paris. you know that this president says what is top of mind for him. >> that's true but i want to give context, just like richard was giving context to the situation. the president gave prepared remarks that were very strong and very good. he added as ad lib "many sides."
5:48 am
the problem is that it was undefined for the interpreter. if you view the president as someone who is racist or someone who is against black people, then you're going to view what he said through that prism. if you're like me and don't believe the president is a racist or actually believe he's trying to bring the country together and wants to do good things for all americans, like myself and people who look like me, you don't hear that and see that. >> i think a lot of americans that don't think this president is a racist that were stunned that he didn't name these groups, richard. your thoughts? >> i think the president's remarks were bizarre. the president is responsible for energizing the white supremacist movement in this country. they're marching to his tune. and what he needs to do is acknowledge his role in energizing the white supremacist movement, apologize for it.
5:49 am
he needs to signal he's going to change direction by firing steve bannon, the man who gave a platform to the alt-right on breitbart knew gnus and take concrete actions to repair the damages he has caused, starting with a directive to federal agencies to take white supremacy seriously. you might remember last week his aide, mr. gorka, tried to suggest it wasn't a problem. obviously it is a problem. charlottesville proves the point. >> so, paris, he's pointing to steve bannon, who has said the site he founded was st. platform for the alt-right and sebastian gorka who just, on breitbart radio, said two weeks ago, they say it's all about the white man. it's not just about the white man. it's the constant it's the white man, white supremacist. that's the problem. no, it isn't. does the problem need to get rid
5:50 am
of people around him that richard believes are pushing this agenda? >> the look, i'll leave personal decisions up to the president. there were people who i think that are there, serving the president, who have great hearts and are doing great things and are trying to move the country in the right direction. i take direct issue with richard, trying to imply that somehow president trump is responsible for the kkk or rise to the kkk. he knows full well if he would go past 2000 and go back to where kkk originated and many cases during democrat presidencies, when you go back in the '60s, things like that, this president has nothing to apologize for, he's not responsible for. >> it took jake tapper 12 times of asking him if he denounced david duke and he didn't. he said it later at a press conference. is that not the same thing? if you don't call it out and denounce it, are you not aiding
5:51 am
it? >> he actually said i disavow anything that relates to david duke. but the point about the speech, when you read this, listen to the speech, where is it when he says we condemn in the strongest possible terms the egregious act, why is that problematic when you say this has no place in america, when you say icon dem hatred, bigotry, violence? that is not a bad thing to say. that is actually a good thing to say. and people who have pure hearts and open minds understand full well that hatred, that's the kkk. bigotry, that's neo nazism. i know today the president will go back and clarify what he said. >> we will be listening. richard, 30 seconds. your final thoughts? >> look, the president ran an
5:52 am
incendiary, racist and xenophobic campaign zplun true. >> that's why the white supremacists were energized by what he did. they celebrated his victory and there was a tremendous surge in hate crimes after he was elected. i think we all know what's happening. mr. trump is -- it's more than a dog whistle. he needs to take it back. he needs to fire bannon. >> richard cohen, paris dennard, we'll have you back. >> any time. >> especially when dealing with heavy matters it's always good to remember the good stuff. we have some for you that will help you get through the day. stay with us. when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. tand the alzheimer'sf association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you.
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5:57 am
remarkable. >> how about that? the two men wind up finishing the finish line together. as for rob, he just hopes that his new buddy is okay. >> i'm doing what anyone in the running community would have done. >> i'm speechless. you don't have to say anything. >> i don't know that anybody in the -- i don't know the maine running community. let me tell you, that was really something special. that's why he deserves the good stuff. >> we needed that today. it was good to see. we'll see you back here tomorrow. cnn news with john berman is next. >> who? ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites.
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